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NOURISH Sign​ature Massage

50/80 minutes I $125/$185


The best of all worlds, our signature treatment fluidly incorporates eastern and western styles, aromatherapy and warm compresses for an experience as energizing as it is restorative.



Head Massage

"I left feeling not only relaxed, but also energized, which is not the norm for me...She has the perfect touch, speed, and pressure--the sort of massage where you just feel yourself melt. 


Highly, highly recommend. Will be a frequent repeat customer. What a treat!"  - Larah T.


"I started seeing Christie for pre-natal massage. She is amazing! I'm 35 and I've had a lot of massages. She's the best." - Darek L. 


"It was absolutely cathartic...I had developed a tightness in my thighs and abdomen, as if I was carrying my emotions in these areas. Her work helped me relax in these areas and get back in touch with my body.  " - Moksha M.

"I continue to see her for massages and will always have her as a resource."

- Safia A.

Neck Massage

"If you're looking for someone who tailors a massage with immense care & attention, you've found your match!"

- Ashley J.


"...She is not only great practitioner but also great supporter with a warm heart I feel. She is caring about my condition deeply and resolving the issue with a perfect massage skill." - Bomi K.

Warm bamboo assists to increase pressure, release trigger points and stretch the fascial lines in this deeply opening and detoxifying treatment.  Recommended for  athletes and for post work-out recovery.   



Feel the warmth regardless of the weather outside, as hot basalt stones melt away tension of body, mind and spirit.  This treatment is completed with aromatherapy and hot towel foot cleanse. 


Professional-grade, full-spectrum and organic CBD massage oil, and targeted application of warming balm and compresses soothe inflammation and calm the senses.  Non-intoxicating.

Celebrate this rich life season and support your body naturally with massage therapy by a certified pre and post natal specialist.  You will be nestled alongside pillows and bolsters for complete comfort throughout the session.

Treatment begins with body brushing to exfoliate and encourage lymphatic circulation, followed by application of essential oils based on the traditional raindrop protocol, believed to assist the body in eliminating toxins. 

This subtle energy therapy originating in the east aims to remove energetic blockages and restore life force to optimal level.  Your therapist holds hands over energy centers throughout the body to help elicit subtle yet profound shifts affecting the endocrine system and self-healing abilities.  Our gentlest offering, and an ideal support throughout life seasons of transition. 

GET DEEP Deep Tissue Massage

50/80 minutes I $165/$225

ESCAPE Hot Stone Massage

50/80 minutes I $145/$205

CALM Anti-Inflammation Massage

50/80 minutes I $145/$205

NURTURE Pre & Post Natal Massage

50/80 minutes I $125/$185

CLEANSE Detoxifying Body Treatment

50 minutes $145


50 minutes I $125








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